Column 3

“Black lives matter is a joke”, Nestride Yumga DC Resident

By Natalia Kay – June 2, 2020

A D.C. resident challenged Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters during a demonstration in Washington, DC, on Sunday, calling them “hypocrites,” according to Breitbart News.

“Black Lives Matter is a joke. You are the racists,” said Nestride Yumga, an American citizen originally from Africa.

“Go to Chicago. They don’t have schools, and they die every day. They don’t matter [to you] because you can’t get attention from that,” she told protesters.

One woman who was protesting told Yumga to “shut up” and said no one wanted to hear what she had to say.

Yumga disregarded the snide comment and continued to speak to the crowd.

She continued, “Group of hypocrites! Go to Southeast D.C., Northeast D.C. Tell them black lives matter! If it matters, it should matter everywhere. You guys are hypocrites, attention seekers. Black lives should matter everywhere. It doesn’t take a white cop to kill a black person [for their life] to matter.”

“When black people kill black people, they don’t come out and do this crap.”

“I’m proud of my country, and I don’t want my country to be portrayed like this,” said.

“No one is a victim here. The only victim here is George Floyd.”

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